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Starline Group Joins the Astro Hospitality Family!

We are thrilled to share an exciting development that marks a significant milestone for Astro Hospitality and our esteemed partners and customers. Effective 1st May, we have purchased Starline Group and will be bringing it into the Astro Hospitality family. This transaction is a testament to our continuous effort to enhance our services and commitment to the hospitality industry across New Zealand.

Our main priority in this acquisition is you. We assure you that the exceptional experience you've come to depend on from Starline Group will remain unchanged, and you will come to enjoy some of the benefits our clients enjoy. This strategic move is focused on strengthening our mission to redefine hospitality excellence, ensuring every hotel stay is an unforgettable adventure for your guests.

Astro Hospitality's purpose has always been to empower hotels and motels with a comprehensive product and service offering to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the guest experience. We are poised to deliver even more innovative and customer-focused solutions by integrating Starline Group's strengths and resources. We're staying ahead of global trends and innovations, ensuring that we help our hotel partners maintain a competitive edge while providing memorable, superior experiences for guests.

Our commitment to our core values guides this transition:

  • Make it Easy: We're here to simplify operations, making your decisions straightforward and efficient. This acquisition will bring seamless, user-friendly solutions that tackle operational challenges, enhancing the guest experience without complication.
  • Get it Done: Our pledge to deliver timely, high-quality services and products remains unwavering. You can continue to rely on us for excellence and reliability in meeting all your hospitality needs.
  • Do it Better: We will keep pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring our offerings are current and pioneering. This drive for continuous improvement aims to provide you and your guests with an unmatched experience.
  • Be Customer-Obsessed: More than ever, we are committed to crafting every service and product with the guest's delight in mind. Exceeding expectations and creating memorable stays are at the heart of what we do.

As we move forward, you will receive further updates from us in the coming days to let you know what this means for you and will ensure a smooth transition. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring and are committed to making this integration beneficial for all.

We are excited about this new chapter and can't wait to be working with you. Together, we will set new standards of excellence in hospitality, making every stay an extraordinary experience.