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Astro Success Story

Airedale Boutique Suites

Astro Success Story



Hotel / Hospitality Industry



      JVD Room Appliances




Auckland CBD, Auckland


Airedale Boutique Suites, on Queen Street in the heart of Auckland’s theatre district, has undergone an extensive refurbishment, from the interior rooms to public spaces and through to the restoration of the heritage façade. The new hotel embraces the history of this iconic Auckland building to create something unique and authentic, combining the flair of art deco architecture with modern style and comfort.

Formerly the Scenic Hotel Auckland, Airedale Boutique Suites guests can expect a whole new level of service, being welcomed by the attentive, respectful, and professional hotel team, ensuring they have a premium experience to remember. They have also implemented eco-conscious options where possible throughout the entire hotel and operations to ensure they leave a positive impact on the world around us. Airedale is the newest member of the Legacy Collection, the Scenic Hotel Group’s collection of unique, premium properties; each with their own story to share and their own legacy to leave.


One of the core pillars of Scenic Hotel Group is that they are family owned and operated. They wanted a partner that was interested in creating a personalised relationship, shared the same values and was invested in building long-term business success. The challenge was finding a supplier who could tick all of these boxes.

Another challenge Airedale encountered after their refurbishment and launch was COVID-19, which impacted the entire world. While New Zealand is bouncing back from the impact of the pandemic quicker than expected the uncertain times of lockdowns and isolation have stimulated the need for reliable hotels that possess a strong commitment to maintaining the safety of their guests and employees while still providing a superior guest experience. Airedale Boutique Suites needed a partner who could continue to be innovative, was reliable and would meet their needs with minimal supply chain disruptions.


Like Airedale Boutique Suites, Astro Hospitality is family-owned and embodies stability, longevity, versatility and adaptability. With over 20 years of experience, Astro is focused on delivering excellent customer service, building rapport, supplying the latest global trends, and making it easy for hotels to create superior guest experiences. As the industry’s preferred supplier Astro has been on the frontlines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic providing essential products to hotels throughout New Zealand in order to help them thrive during uncertain times.

Melissa Alexander, Airedale Boutique Suites General Manager, says, “Reuben, Astro’s Managing Director, is very hands-on and developed an authentic relationship that was based on trust, loyalty, and communication - This really put Astro into a league of their own. Reuben has a strong eye for detail and the quality of products Astro supplies really ensures we are offering the best there is on the market”.

“Part of our refurbishment was that the hotel rebranded and is now part of the Legacy Collection, which is our 4.5 and 5-star premium offering. We have chosen Astro’s JVD room appliances, which gives each room their unique charm, is a defining feature and transforms the guest’s stay into a one-of-a-kind experience”.


"My advice to anyone wanting to refurbish their hotel or if they are starting from scratch would be – if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for just ask the question, find some images, or sketch up a design, show Reuben and the team and they can come up with anything."

Melissa Alexander

General Manager

Benefit One

Leads the industry with the latest global trends.

Benefit Two

Transforms the guest’s stay into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Benefit Three

Evoque Showroom simplifies the decision-making process.

Benefit Four

Ensures you can always deliver a superior guest experience.


Building and maintaining great supplier relationships is a must if you want to ensure you can always deliver a superior guest experience. As a high-performance organization, Astro has created a strong link between employees taking ownership, having a culture of accountability, and having a high trust workplace. Implementing and upholding these key factors has helped Astro instil confidence in the Scenic Hotel Group and is now a key supplier for the organization.

Melissa says, “Reuben’s always ahead of the game! Pre-COVID he would go overseas to check out the trade shows and latest trends. Astro is an industry leader, not a follower, and the first in NZ to showcase new ideas and products which is exciting. There aren’t a lot of suppliers out there that are really trying to pave the way, but Astro does, which is great because we want to be first as well. I’ve gone to Reuben many times with ideas that were very bespoke out-of-the-box concepts, and he welcomes the challenge every time.”

“Going to the Showroom in Auckland has been fantastic and I’ve been there numerous times. When we have someone from Head Office or a GM from out of town, I take them there. Until you’re actually in the space you really don’t understand the power it has on the decision making. When you enter the Showroom and everything is on display it really paints a picture of how your hotel could be set up and what kind of guest experience you could provide. Each hotel property has its own characteristics, or flavour so to speak, so there might be a different part of the showroom that aligns more closely with your vision - but seeing the products in situ allows you to get a real feel for what it’s going to look like when it ends up in your hotel”.

“My advice to anyone wanting to refurbish their hotel or if they are starting from scratch would be – if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for just ask the question, find some images, or sketch up a design, show Reuben and the team and they can come up with anything”.



With over 20 years of industry experience, Astro Hospitality has evolved into one of New Zealand’s most reputable mid-scale, upscale and luxury hotel guest room specialists. Bringing together a collection of high-quality brands, products and services Astro empowers hoteliers to provide a superior guest experience made easy.