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Quest Apartment Hotels (NZ) Ltd

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Quest Apartment Hotels (NZ) Ltd


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Four-Time Winner:
Quest Apartment Hotels New Zealand Supplier of the Year Award


Quest was born from humble beginnings in Australia in 1988, with one property in the suburb of Fitzroy, located on the fringe of Melbourne’s central business district. In 1998 Quest appeared in New Zealand, specifically in Auckland and Wellington. Since then Quest has emerged to become the largest and most successful apartment hotels brand in NZ.

The strength of the Quest Apartment Hotels network reaches over 170 locations across New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and the UK. By the end of 2022, there will be 40 Quest Apartments throughout NZ and Fiji. They are the largest and most long-standing apartment hotel group in Australasia.  

Quest is located in central business districts, suburban and regional areas with close proximity to head offices, business centres and key tourist destinations. Today, guests choose Quest because the apartments offer a spacious and convenient space while travelling for extended periods of time. The combination of flexible accommodation and services make their guests feel like they never left home. No matter where you do business or choose to holiday, from central business districts to regional areas, Quest is there for you.


With the constant growth of Quest in NZ year on year, the majority of these new locations have been purpose-built, and are positioned for the long term in the NZ & Fijian markets. Furthermore, Quest is continuing to identify another 10-15 new locations for development over the next five years.

Being a key part of the New Zealand accommodation industry, Quest understands that creating good relationships with the right partners will help expand its market share in the most efficient and effective way. The challenge was finding a local supplier who was committed to delivering consistent quality and value to their clients with the aim of establishing and maintaining a reliable, trustworthy, and responsive relationship – all of which would help contribute to Quest’s success and align with their values as a business.


Astro Hospitality has worked with hoteliers throughout New Zealand for over 20 years and is now the leading supply partner. Astro’s entire product offering is specifically designed for the accommodation industry which helps hotels create an enjoyable stay for their guests. Astro not only has the experience but local knowledge, and is focused on empowering hoteliers to provide a superior guest experience year-round.

Due to continual supply issues with their previous partners Quest reached out to Reuben Beatson, Astro’s Managing Director, in 2014. David Lile, Manager - Franchise Operations, Quest Apartment Hotels (NZ) Ltd, says, “prior to me joining Quest Hotels 5 years ago the relationship we’ve had with Astro has been focused on supporting the growth of Quest within the NZ accommodation market. Astro is one of our key suppliers when it comes to our properties in the North and South Island. Astro is a vital cog and the relationship keeps growing from strength to strength.”


“Because of their industry knowledge Astro is well connected – they understand the brands within the market, who’s who and what’s going on overall. If you were wanting to connect and gain some traction on a market level Astro is a key driver – opposed to other suppliers who may not have those same in-depth connections or understandings”, says David.

“We have been working with Reuben from day 1 – he’s been a big driver and really encompasses what Astro is all about. Reuben and his team are very well connected to our entire network and is working on multiple projects across the wider Quest group. We always have good engagement with the Astro staff and know the leadership plays a key part in how the rest of the team operates”.

Benefit One

A trustworthy supplier you can always rely on.

Benefit Two

A partnership that can tackle your most difficult challenges with ease. 

Benefit Three

Hotel specific showroom that simplifies the decision-making process.

Benefit Four

A partnership that is focused on helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

“As we managed the supply and distributions dynamics with our partners in Quest Australia having Astro alongside us has been very extremely valuable. I know we’ve given Reuben and the team a few difficult challenges to deal with but they are always up for it which is great. If our network in New Zealand hadn’t had Astro supporting us it would have been quite frustrating and slowed the process. As much as it’s been a supplier relationship it’s transformed. Our relationship and connection has strengthened as use Astro for our new location programmes, which is proving to be very positive”.

“Our franchisees do have a choice around some of the products they source, but as an approved supplier that sits within our franchise business system, Astro always makes the attempt to see how they can help, which we find is key – especially when it comes to brand guidelines. Astro has received the ‘Quest Apartment Hotels New Zealand Supplier of the Year Award’ on four occasions, and we are sure there are more to come!”


Choosing to be sustainably responsible used to be an afterthought for hotels, but now it’s just as important as choosing the right bedding. As Quest continues to look for key touchpoints to ‘wow’ guests, differentiate themselves and provide a superior experience The Hotel WEKA is helping them do just that.

Seeking to make a meaningful impact and create a sustainable future Quest is a proud Hotel WEKA partner. This end-to-end recycling program stops used hotel toiletries such as plastic bottles and tubes from going into the sea and landfills.

The recycled plastic is remoulded to create concrete floors and concrete paths across New Zealand. This partnership not only helps save the planet but also enhances your environmentally conscious guest experience.

"As we managed the supply and distributions dynamics with our partners in Quest Australia having Astro alongside us has been extremely valuable. I know we’ve given Reuben and the team a few difficult challenges to deal with but they are always up for it which is great."

David Lile

Manager - Franchise Operations 
Quest Apartment Hotels (NZ) Ltd


With over 20 years’ of industry experience, Astro Hospitality has evolved into one of New Zealand’s most reputable mid-scale, upscale and luxury hotel guest room specialists. Bringing together a collection of high-quality brands, products and services Astro empowers hoteliers to provide a superior guest experience made easy.

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