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Energy Efficient Hotel Guest Room Supplies

Appliances & Equipment

Astro is the premier supplier partner of Hotel Guest Room Appliances & Equipment in New Zealand.

When choosing appliances and equipment for your guest rooms it's important that you get products that are hotel specific, long-lasting, energy-saving and fit for purpose. Our entire range of guest room appliances is specifically designed to eliminate operational challenges and make it easy for you to create A Superior Guest Experience.


Room Equipment Supplier In New Zealand

Hotel Guest Operating Equipments Supplier NZ

A great thing about the hospitality industry in New Zealand is that there's such an excellent diversity of choice for hotel guests. Unlike many countries around the world, in New Zealand we have hotels that can suit any traveller's needs, from luxury resorts costing thousands of dollars per night to simple motel accommodation where you may not even need to break a fifty.

But even the most humble accommodation providers can reap big rewards simply by upgrading the equipment in their rooms. Astro is the biggest name in guest room equipment suppliers in the New Zealand hospitality industry, providing hotel guest equipment supplies to top branded hotel chains throughout the nation.

Best & Trusted Wholesale Operating Equipment Supplies

We've got so many of these high profile clients, we don't even need to market to them. They come to us as a trusted provider of hotel operating equipment supplies at wholesale prices. If you're running a more modest accommodation business, we'd be really pleased to welcome you as a new customer, and the great news is that you can buy exactly the same products from us that we provide to the biggest hotels in the country.

It's all part of our commitment to being the best wholesale hotel equipment supplier in New Zealand. We have products you won't find listed with any other hotel operating equipment supplier. Even those guest equipment suppliers who do carry similar items can rarely come close to matching us on price, and nobody matches us on service.

As the leading hotel guest operating equipment suppliers in New Zealand, we always aim to be far above the average hotel room equipment supplier. To ensure we retain our position as the number one hotel equipment wholesale suppliers, we stand firmly by three important policies.

Leading Supplier of Hotel Operating Equipments

  1. The first is that we stock only high quality items that you'll feel proud to offer your guests. Essentially, if it's not something we'd be happy to use ourselves, we don't include it in our stock list.  Of course if there's a specialty product that you really need and we don't stock it already, it's easy to call us on 0806 466 966 and discuss your needs with us. You'll be amazed how often a suitable solution can be found.
  1. The second of our three policies is that we guarantee same day dispatch, so you're not left wondering when your items are going to be sent.
  1. And the third of our three core policies is a 100% money back guarantee if you're not totally delighted with anything you buy from us. There's no tricks, no gimmicks, no squinting at fine print required. If you're not happy with what you receive, just send it back for a full replacement or refund.

With these policies in place, it's easy to see why Astro is the favourite choice of major hotel chains in New Zealand for all their supply needs. Now we can be your choice too, and all you have to do is get in touch.