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"Say NO 19" In-use Surface Sanitiser Wipes, 64/PK


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These SayNO19 surface sanitiser wipes can be used on all common hard surface including touch points. These In Use Surface Sanitiser Wipes are an active blend of two recognised sanitisers and surfactants with proven effectiveness against a wide range of bacteria, fungus, and moulds.

The Chief Formulator said: “most of the approvals I see in the market are tested under clean conditions with a dwell time of up to 10 minutes to work. I thought we could do better than that, which is why I tested our formulations under DIRTY conditions for 1 minute. Testing should be carried out in real-world conditions, so the marketing department can make claims that are able to be substantiated, so consumers have confidence the product they are using works.”

Product Details:

  • Sold Individually
  • 64 Wipes in a Pack
  • Order 20 Packs for one carton
  • Approved against COVID-19 Surface Wipes
  • Say NO 19 Surface Wipes has gained approval against Covid-19 by the internationally renowned BluTest Laboratories (UK) with a 99.99% effectiveness in 1 minute in DIRTY conditions
  • The tests undertaken were BS EN 14476:2013 and A2:2019. These tests are what are specified by the TGA to make claims against Covid-19.
  • 100% effective in 30 seconds against E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas and Bacillus Cereus.
  • Made in New Zealand


  • Individual wipe: 23 x 14 cm


  • Water, Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, Alky Dibenzyl Ammonium Chloride, Detergent, Solubuliser and Dye

Directions for Use:

  • Wipe the surface that you wish to sanitise, leave for 1 minute and then wipe over the entire area to allow the surface to dry completely. Do not flush wipes.

I have been approved to fight against Covid-19

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Sold Indivudally | Order 20 Packs for a Carton
"Say NO 19" In-use Surface Sanitiser Wipes, 64/PK



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