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Bio-Grease Go | Bio-Fresh Drains, Fats & Oils, 5 Litres


Barcode: 9420013732735

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Perfect for foodservice and food process operations - for the compliant treatment of grease traps & septic tanks. uses an active microbial formula to break down fats and control odours. Harnessing natural Bio-Enzymes.

Product Details:

  • Sold individually
  • 5 Litre Container
  • Keeps drains clean and odour-free
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Less work required
  • Keeps on working after application
  • Harnessing the power of Nature
  • Unscented

(All Animal Product Except Dairy)

Directions for Use:

Grease Traps: First add 1 litre (1000ml or 4 cups) of Bio-Fresh Bio-Grease Go directly into grease trap entry port or down the drain hole, then either manually or auto-dose 100ml per day at the end of daily processes.

Odour Control: Dilute to a 2-10% solution (1:9-1:45, 20-100ml or 4 tsp to 2/5 cup per litre) with cold fresh tap water and spray directly onto the affected areas. Not recommended for use directly on food contact surfaces, however, if incidental contact occurs, simply rinse surfaces with water.

Septic Tanks: Charge system with 4 litres (best by flushing directly down a clean toilet), then an additional 1/2 litre (500ml or 2 cups) weekly for every 4 people using the system. 

This compound may be used for treating sewer or drain lines in any area. Before use in edible areas, all edible products must be removed from the room and drains must be thoroughly flushed before edible operations recommence. Solids recovered from wastewater may not be used in the production of animal foods.


$85.00 + GST
Sold Individually
Bio-Grease Go | Bio-Fresh Drains, Fats & Oils, 5 Litres



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