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Kemsol Lemon Hand Dishwash Detergent, 5 Litres


Barcode: 9420013702028

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Lemon Dishwash is a 17% solids, med-high foam general-purpose detergent, suitable for a wide range of washing applications. Ideal for hand dishwashing, Lemon Dishwash can also be used for hard-surface cleaning and the handwashing of vehicles and windows. This formulation retains its grease-cutting power to the end of the toughest wash-ups.

Product Details:

Its high-strength formulation is soft and gentle on hands and ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. The bubbles are long-lasting and the formulation has excellent soil suspension characteristics and is free-rinsing to allow quick streak-free drying.

  • Cuts through grease and oils
  • Domestic and commercial use
  • Long lasting bubbles
  • Mild pH
  • Quick streak-free drying
  • Ready-to-Use
  • Soft & gentle on hands

This product is sold individually in 5 litre containers.


Manual sink washing:

Use at a ratio of 1:500 (0.25% soln, 25mls per 10ltrs) in warm potable water (more or less depending on soiling levels).

Hard surface applications:

Use at a ratio of 5 to 30mls per 10 litres of water, depending on the level of soiling.

Window cleaning:

Use 5mls per 10 litres of water. Spray onto windows and wipe with a clean paper towel.

Vehicle washing:

Use 20mls per 10 litres of water. Sponge onto the vehicle and rinse with water.


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Sold Individually
Kemsol Lemon Hand Dishwash Detergent, 5 Litres


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