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Quantum - Auto Dish & Glass Washing Liquid 20L [DG-8]


Barcode: 9420013716216

Automatic Dish and Glass Washing Liquid

Commercial high-strength liquid detergent formulated for use in automatic commercial dish and glasswash machines. Suitable for use with all common ware materials such as crockery, china, glass, stainless steel and plastics and kitchen utensils. Not recommended for aluminium or other soft metal-constructed kitchen items. Septic tank safe, when used as directed.nSuitable for dishwashing or glass washing applications with or without the use of a rinse aid. This formulation has approvals from both New Zealand Breweries Ltd and Lion Breweries Ltd.


Inject undiluted directly into wash water at 1-2mls per litre via an automatic peristaltic pump. Not recommended for manual dosing, unless in contingency commercial situations. Use in conjunction with Kemsol Rinse Aid for optimum performance.

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$144.50 + GST
Quantum - Auto Dish & Glass Washing Liquid 20L [DG-8]



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