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Same-Day Dispatch For All Orders Placed Before 4pm

Hotel Specific Irons, with replaceable parts.

Hotel Iron Options For New Zealand

We are living in an age where information is at our fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those planning trips abroad, or a visit to a city in New Zealand will inevitably check out the reviews for any hotel or motel that catches their eye and so with a tonne of reviews online it is important that your hotel does what it can to meet the standards and expectations of your desired clientele.

Even the iron you provide is an important feature of the room that you need to give attention to. While it is an item that will get some use, for those that travel for work it is a vital part of what they expect from their room, and if it is faulty, or in bad shape then you can and should expect complaints. Repeat customers and generating a loyal customer base is important for all hotels, and particularly for those that are based near Central Business Districts where a high volume of business traffic can be expected and as such the potential to generate repeat business is greater.

Here at Astro Hospitality, we are New Zealand’s number one hospitality suppliers. Our extremely competitive pricing, exceptional customer support team and our ability to deliver orders faster than any of our competitors sets us apart and has made us the go-to people for motels and hotels across the islands.

Products That Cater to All

Not all hotels and motels can offer the same amount of space to their guests, which is why here at Astro Hospitality we don’t just cater to the high-end buyers, but instead, bring product options that are designed to meet the budgets of all of our clients.

At Astro Hospitality, we follow strict guidelines to ensure you receive high quality, high-value goods each and every time. We take great care to ensure that each of the products in our huge range has been researched thoroughly so that you or your guests don’t experience any unwanted problems and get the kind of results you expect.

Our products are classified along the lines of good, better and best, so regardless of whether you regularly host guests that expect the best or those that are simply passing through and need a place to sleep for the night we have solutions that will ensure their every need is met and catered to without sacrificing on quality.

As such, here at Astro Hospitality, you will be able to find a range of foldable ironing board options that will suit your specific rooms as well as accessories to furnish rooms that require a little more detail and care.

The Best Hotel Supplier in New Zealand

We are committed to delivering on time every time and ensuring that when you need to get through to us you won’t have to wait a long time on the phone to speak to one of our wonderful staff. All orders placed by 4:00 pm will be dispatched that very day and it is possible to place orders online if you don’t want to do it over the phone. Track and trace freight systems are also part and parcel of what we do so you can organise and plan for the arrival of your goods.

So, when you are looking for new hotel ironing boards or need a supplier that you can rely on to help you achieve the standards you set and that your customers expect, get in touch with us here at Astro Hospitality and we will make that goal a reality.