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Chanui Earl Grey Enveloped Tea Bags, 500/CTN


Barcode: 09421015423089

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Discover the fascinating world of earl grey tea - a timeless classic with a twist of citrusy charm, all thanks to the bergamot orange peel!

Enveloped tea is the perfect catering solution, with each tea bag wrapped in its own envelope to keep it fresh.

Free six compartment tea tray with purchase when any three Chanui teas if used exclusively to feature Chanui Tea and tea, coffee and sugar ranges purchased from Astro Hospitality. Contact one of our friendly team by filling in the form below.

Product Details:

  • Sold in full cartons of 500
  • Individually wrapped
  • Flavour: Earl Grey
  • Brand: Chanui

The Earl Grey Tea Legacy:

Did you know that bergamot is a unique type of orange? Its distinctive and zesty peel is the secret behind the delightful, citrus flavour of this tea. A-peel-ing and quintessentially British, earl grey's exquisite taste has captured the hearts of tea enthusiasts worldwide

A Symphony of Taste:

Beyond its delightful taste, earl grey tea is believed to offer various health benefits, similar to other black tea variants. This intriguing brew is thought to support digestive and cardiovascular health. What sets it apart is the addition of bergamot essential oil, which brings cholesterol-reducing properties to your cup, making it a heart-smart choice.

How to Enjoy:

To savour the full character of this earl grey tea, use one teabag per cup and always pour in fresh boiling water to extract the full essence and flavour. Allow it to infuse for 2-3 minutes then strain, pour and enjoy the intensity of flavour.

Why Choose Earl Grey Tea?

Need a pick-me-up during that sluggish mid-afternoon slump? Look no further! A cup of our earl grey tea typically contains around 30 mg of caffeine, providing the perfect boost to keep you energised and focused, ready to tackle your tasks with renewed vigour.

Did you know?

Chanui is the only New Zealand owned tea and biscuit company, all major tea and biscuit companies are now foreign owned. Chanui is a proud New Zealand owned and operated company that started from small beginnings.

$98.35 + GST
Sold in full packs only |500 Enveloped Tea Bags per Carton
Chanui Earl Grey Enveloped Tea Bags, 500/CTN



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