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Charity Tea Jazz Organic Green Tea & Jasmine Teabags, 500/CTN


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Loved for the aroma and the taste, Jazz green tea bags offer a delicious combination of premium and Certified Organic green tea leaves mixed with fragrant Jasmine. 

Picked from the Darjeeling plantations of northern India, this special blend of organic jasmine tea offers an exquisite hot drink with a heavenly taste. 

Product Details:

  • Sold in full cartons of 500
  • Tea Bags
  • Flavour: Green Tea & Jasmine
  • Brand: Charity Tea
  • Matching small tins available

Certified Organic Ingredients:

Jazz Organic Jasmine Green Tea Bags are made from a fusion of green Darjeeling tea leaves with jasmine oil. Both ingredients are Certified Organic and sourced from growers utilising the nutrient-rich soils of India. 

This delightful organic green tea comes with no added sweeteners, colours or preservatives. 
Wherever possible, we purchase our tea leaves, herbs and oils from smaller farms to support local communities. 

All of our tea bags are compostable and completely free from plastic, tags, staples and dyes.

Health Benefits:

A cup of organic jasmine green tea is said to help reduce stress, support healthy hormones and allow your body to release toxins. As a powerful antioxidant, green tea can also help with weight loss. 

How to Enjoy:

  • Place a Jazz Organic Tea Bag in a cup
  • Add a splash of cold water before adding hot (not boiling) water
  • Brew for three minutes and enjoy
  • Green teas prefer temperatures of around 65–80 degrees so as not to burn the leaves. If your green tea ever tastes bitter it's because the leaves have been burnt by hot water. By adding a splash of cold water first, you can enjoy a much smoother taste. 

Did you know?

Charity Tea™ is the tea that nourishes. As well as nourishing you from the inside out, a purchase of any of our delicious range helps nourish children in New Zealand and overseas.

Watch the video to find out more about the fantastic work that Charity Tea are doing.

$206.50 + GST
Sold in full cartons only |500 Tea Bags per Carton
Charity Tea Jazz Organic Green Tea & Jasmine Teabags, 500/CTN



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