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Dilmah Earl Grey Enveloped Tea Bags, 500/CTN


Barcode: 19312631825302

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With the piquant citrus note that is characteristic of the classic Earl Grey tea, the bold base of Ceylon Tea from the Ratnapura region creates a truly refined experience.

This tea is balanced by the sweet floral of the bergamot, creating a sublimely elegant brew. Together, they form a distinctive, elegant tea perfect for any time of the day.

A rich and strong tea that presents a varied bouquet of flavours and aromas in Earl Grey, one experiences a strong strength tea that is complex in every sense. A beautiful marriage of a bright mid-grown tea and the aromatic citrus of bergamot, this enchanting brew is one that has been admired for centuries.

Enveloped tea is the perfect catering solution, with each tea bag wrapped in its own envelope to keep it fresh.

Product Details:

  • Sold in full cartons of 500
  • Individually wrapped
  • Flavour: Earl Grey Tea
  • Brand: Dilmah


  • Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Bergamot flavour

Caffeine Level:

  • Medium

How to Enjoy:

  • 1 tea bag per person
  • 220 ml of boiling water
  • Steep tea for 3-5 minutes according to taste
  • Our tea is caffeine-free and generally safe for most, including expecting mothers. However, always consult healthcare professionals for any major dietary decisions.

Did you know?

Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, founded by Merrill J. Fernando has championed quality, authenticity and variety in tea. Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against industry trends to declare its commitment to authenticity. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah and offers a unique taste of unblended Ceylon Tea packed at source.

Dilmah is Ethical Tea, in that all packaging profits are retained in Sri Lanka and fund the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. They believe that Business is a Matter of Human Service.

$92.12 + GST
Sold in full cartons only |500 Enveloped Tea Bags per Carton
Dilmah Earl Grey Enveloped Tea Bags, 500/CTN



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