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Tamper-proof Cartridge Dispenser Systems

Smart Care and Press & Wash is the latest generation of hygienic luxury dispenser systems. Being 100% non-refillable and tamper-proof this ensures guest safety.

  • Each cartridge lasts approximately 4 weeks.
  • Non-Drip patented design.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Tamper Proof.
  • 100% Hygenic.
  • Saves housekeeping time, just seconds to change the cartridge approximately every 4 weeks.

Interested to save time, reduce waste and exceed guest expectations? Contact us for a free phone consultation.


Natural Remedies Smart Care

As a modern interpretation of decade-old craftsmanship, Naturals REMEDIES unites minimalistic design, proven plant ingredients and selected formulations with a modern fragrance of sparkling bergamot, fresh fig and comforting cedarwood. Organic grade extracts of sage, a plant known since hundreds of years for its healing properties, combined with either nettle, known for its stimulating benefits, or black currant, rich in vitamin C, round up the formulations.

The Hotel Weka

Toiletries Recycling program for NZ hotels
Making a difference one piece at a time