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Maraca Sevillian Neroli Disinfectant Fragranced Room Mist 300ml


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Maraca Sevillian Neroli Disinfectant Fragranced Room Mist 300ml



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Formulated with a 70% alcohol base Maraca’s disinfectant room mist instantly kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This product is suitable for use in all of your hotel spaces and guests rooms. It can be applied to most soft and hard surfaces which prevents or slows the growth of mildew and mould. Containing rich natural ingredients like Blackcurrant Buds, Geranium, Chamomile, Lemon and much more this fragranced room mist is the ideal solution in helping keep your guest rooms clean, smelling fresh and creating delightful customer experiences.

Product Details:

  • Formulated in France, made in New Zealand
  • Ingredients: 70% alcohol based formula - kills 99.9% of viruses & germs
  • Size: 300ml
  • Made without: Artificial Fragrances, Parabens, Animal Testing and SLS.
  • Fragrance Notes o Top: Blackcurrant Buds, Geranium, Chamomile, Lemon; o Middle: Bulgarian Rose, Violet, Peony; o Base: Jasmine, White Musk, Clove Buds
  • Design: Modern & sleek aesthetic

Product Care:
Spray 2-3 pumps throughout the immediate space or surface as needed. Keep in a cool place out of the sun. Do not store in direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash hands after handling.

Travellers are eager to know about the story of your hotel and this is a great way to connect with your guests and share what you stand for. Incorporating storytelling into your guests’ experience also creates a memorable stay.

About the Maraca Brand: The culmination of a lifelong dream to create a truly beautiful yet luxurious brand, Maraca was born in Auckland, New Zealand. The key touchstones of the brand are being: Timeless yet modern, understated luxury that is unforgettable, with a firm emphasis on harnessing nature’s most effective natural ingredients. Inspired by culture and fashion rather than merely trends in beauty and body care, Maraca has been designed to stand out on its own against international brands of the of the same ILK but with a totally boutique approach.

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