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How can I recycle my partly used toiletries?

In a world where resources are steadily shrinking, populations are fast growing and the serious effects of climate change are at our doorstep sustainable business practices have become a vital element in helping continue the success of many hotels. You are probably here reading this because you are wanting to do your bit to stop plastic from hitting the landfills.

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword but is at the forefront of many people’s minds. You’re most likely aware, that it’s not just the environmentalists who are taking this seriously, now it’s the guests making the bookings along with many hoteliers who are taking ownership to reduce their impact too.  

One of the biggest environmental issues we’re facing around the world is plastic recycling. You’ll be shocked to learn that plastic makes up more than 12% of all the solid waste that’s disposed of. To put that into perspective it’s equivalent to 30 million tons of plastic being thrown away every year! Since it takes plastic between 500-1000 years to break down, and we’re rapidly running out of landfill space, it’s important we take this seriously.

To do the right thing, ensuring your long-term policies and goals align with your sustainability agenda is paramount. It’s become increasingly apparent that guests are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services in their quest to do the right thing when they travel.

Whether you are using small single-use toiletries or larger soap dispensers these can tend to create a lot of plastic waste for your hotel, which can and should be recycled. You may be thinking that it’s impossible to recycle partly used bottles because the liquid needs to be removed before you can recycle them. The good news is there is a solution through The Hotel WEKA. This environmental partnership is an end-to-end recycling program focused on helping you make a difference one piece at a time. It doesn’t matter if your bottles or tubes are partly full or empty this program makes it so easy for you to pave a new way forward by recycling.

As you develop your hotel’s sustainability strategies it’s essential you have a process in place to measure your success. Just like any of your other business plans, measurement is key. It helps you determine how you’re progressing vs what areas need improvement. It also creates accountability to ensure your hotel continues its commitment to making the business more sustainable over time and to keep track of the results.

The Hotel WEKA can help you do this!

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