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Are biodegradable hotel slippers a memorable point of difference?

The hospitality industry, including luxury hotels, resorts and boutique motels, experience changing attitudes from their guests based on various global trends and influences – from interior designs to in-room appliances and excursions. With many trends emerging and then disappearing, it can be hard to know which ones will play a significant role in supporting your property’s sustainability goals. 

While hoteliers are eager to accommodate their guests’ demands, they are also intent on creating a better world. By incorporating eco-friendly hotel amenities into your long-term green practice initiatives, you will produce less waste and carbon dioxide, and reduce your water and energy consumption. According to a poll, 83% of worldwide travellers prefer green travel choices, and a survey conducted by Accor shows 70% of travellers opt to book a hotel with sustainability credentials. These stats aren’t just supported by leisure (or bleisure) travellers but by companies wanting to organize venues for their conferences. 

With consumers integrating sustainability into all aspects of their lives, we are seeing ecotourism become one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. As such, the hospitality industry is prioritizing the need to supply more sustainable amenities, such as biodegradable hotel slippers, which are viewed as an extremely memorable point of difference. 

Seedling Sole is one of the first natural, plant-based and 100% biodegradable slippers introduced to the New Zealand and Australian markets. It’s not only shaking up the industry and receiving outstanding guest reviews, but it is also bringing a new environmental twist to guest rooms, bathrooms, wellness and SPA centres.

We often get asked about the advantages and disadvantages of using biodegradable slippers, so we thought we’d break down the top pros and cons for you. 



  • Seedling Sole is a lovely lightweight slipper made from sustainable fabrics that work in harmony with the world and brings a touch of luxury to your guest experience.
  • The slippers are durable and long-lasting, meaning when your guests take them home they will continue to remember their stay with you.

Sustainable Materials: 

  • The slippers are made from Flax, Cork, and Cotton.
  • The upper part of the slipper is crafted from unbleached linen.
  • Atheistically the slippers look environmentally friendly and are great for the planet.
  • The slipper is plastic-free and packaged with a paper band.
  • Completely biodegradable - it will easily break down in the landfill. 

Style Options: 

The biodegradable slippers are cruelty-free, easily transportable and come in two looks:

  • Closed-toe with a Flax Sole is regarded as the more luxurious option among guests.
  • Open toe with a Cork Sole is soft and flexible. This option is perfect for wet areas, like the pool, so your guest's feet stay completely dry. 

Custom Branding:

  • Custom branding is available. Personalisation tells your hotel’s unique story, which makes guests remember their stay.
  • Printing is done with natural vegetable dyes, so it breaks down quickly in the landfill.
  • Your logo and branding can be displayed on the outer paper band, the inner heel or the top part of the slipper that covers the toes.



  • Biodegradable slippers tend to be more expensive than standard hotel slippers, but the investment is worth it because they are durable, sustainable and a memorable point of difference. 

Some Branding Options: 

  • There is an option to embroider the labels onto the slippers, but nylon cotton is used, which isn’t 100% sustainable.

Style Options: 

  • The slipper doesn’t have seedlings in the sole - It’s just a name.
  • One Standard Size: The slippers will fit most of your guests but not some.
  • If your guests wear the closed-toe flax sole slippers they may end up with soggy feet around the pool or other wet areas, but the cork option will keep them completely dry. 

Although there are advantages and disadvantages of biodegradable slippers, the luxurious and organic feel of Seedling Sole is a memorable point of difference and a beautiful keepsake your guests will want to take home and continuously wear.

If you would like help working out what’s best for your operations and guest experience, get in touch with one of our friendly team.



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