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The Top 5 Global In-Room Appliance & Equipment Trends

Over the past 100 years, we have seen some innovative hoteliers pave the way for the industry and evolve the guest room experience. Thanks to their progressiveness and foresight, their ground-breaking concepts have not only modernized the hospitality industry they have also forever changed what guests expect during their stay.

From leading hotel chains to luxury boutique hotels, the global phenomenon to meet guest demands with style and convenience has become the norm. Through creativity and resilience, hoteliers are maintaining their competitive advantage by consistently being on the lookout for the latest global trends, which extends to in-room appliances and equipment.

Here are the Top 5 Global In-Room Appliance & Equipment Trends to watch out for in 2023: 

1. Luxury Electrical Appliances:

No matter your budget or the type of guests you accommodate, your hotel rooms should be equipped with suitable appliances to meet your guests' demands.

While some items, like irons or kettles, are standard, hotels that strive to exceed expectations provide premium accessories. Some have been recognised for stocking all of their guest rooms with GHD straighteners and hairdryers. You can also cater to your coffee lovers by featuring the Nespresso machines. The artisan coffee pods will stand out to your guests as a clever and thoughtful add-on to your typical coffee and tea sachets.

2. Charging Stations:
A few years ago a common trend was having the hotel guest rooms kitted out with multi-purpose pieces. In modern trends, however, hotel room appliances aren’t necessarily merging, rather they are designed to connect with technology. With the home Internet of Things (IoT) market surging, people are already beginning to expect similar connectivity solutions when they book their hotel rooms. With guests inclined to bring so many personal devices on their trips, the new hot commodity is having access to power. Having in-room appliances with multiple charging points located in the desks, lamps and nightstands will help facilitate this need and is a great starting point. Nowadays even the humble alarm clock does more than just wake your guests up - they’re designed with wireless charging, Bluetooth and different dimming levels.

3. Minimalism:
The 2023 in-room appliances trend is veering towards minimalism. Properties are de-cluttering their rooms by removing accessories they believe no longer offer a superior experience or suit their guests’ needs. As an example, many hotels have been shifting the paper version of compendiums to a digitised version that’s accessible via an app or on the TV.

4. Customised Accessories:
As for other in-room trends, we are seeing a lot of hotels shifting to customised accessories – like tissue covers, trays, and accessory holders, which are becoming an extension of the room design, so everything has a place and complements the interior design while telling your unique story

5. Sustainability:
In the coming year, hotels in both global and local markets will be rolling out a plethora of sustainable initiatives. The aim is to improve their environmental impact by reducing their property's waste, power and water usage. They are also reviewing how their services, products, supplies, logistics and maintenance approaches affect their green best practices.

With guests proactively supporting environmental efforts, hoteliers are even looking at the route source of where a product is made, what materials they are made of and to what extent the product can be reused or recycled. Going green is a win-win for the planet, your guests and your business.

This year will be a transformative year for hoteliers as they look to respond to new consumer behaviours and shifting guest expectations. Utilizing innovative Interior Design Trends and the Top 2023 Hotel Trends will ensure your property strikes the right balance to create a superior guest experience.

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