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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 3 | Hygiene

Creating the right brand and hotel environment is key to delivering a superior guest experience. Having hygienic facilities and rooms plays a pivotal role in turning an average stay into an amazing one, while a poor experience can impact customer loyalty and damage your business’s reputation.

In an article written by a seasoned traveler, Gary Leff, he expresses 5 concerns around hotels shifting from individual bathroom soap bars, bottles and tubes to wall-mounted toiletry dispensers. In this ‘Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 3’ we focus on Hygiene. Experts often say good hygiene is one of the most important practices in preventing the spread of germs, but what are the actual effects of using soap from refillable dispensers?

According to research, 20-25% of bulk dispensers have a large content of bacteria which is typically introduced to the dispensers during the refilling process. Just opening the dispenser introduces airborne germs which leads to contaminated contents. Another key factor leading to hygiene concerns is that the dispensers are located in the bathroom which is damp, humid and warm, which is the perfect environment for growing pathogens. Both of these aspects expose your guests to serious risks if they have a cut or wound, and can also put your hotel in danger if the infection is traced back. 

To elevate your brand and deliver a memorable experience many hoteliers are seeking advice and guidance from Astro Hospitality. With over 20 years of industry experience, Astro is one of the most reputable hotel and motel guest room specialists and empowers New Zealand hotels to create moments of delight for their guests every day.

Astro’s Smart Care System eliminates the risk of soap dispenser contamination and helps add an element of care by maintaining high hygiene and safety levels. With a sealed design this press and wash system is non-refillable. This means that when your guests use the product it is the first time the soap is exposed to the external environment. Also, as pointed out in our The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 2 article refillable soap dispensers are easy targets for vandals, and in some cases, the introduction of contaminants could even be intentional.

To give your guests the peace of mind they deserve Smart Care is the go-to dispenser system:  

  • 100% Non-refillable 
  • 100% Hygienic
  • 100% Tamper-proof & theft-proof
  • Ensures guest safety

Hotels can choose from single or double bracket systems (screw-fix or self-adhesive) that save housekeeping time as changing the dispenser takes seconds not minutes. Astro offers liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo, hair & body shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and even a Vegan-friendly option. The Smart Care Natural Remedies range includes plant-based ingredients and organic-grade extracts that ensure you’re supporting the environment every time you take a shower.

Since supporting the planet and eliminating plastic waste is one of Astro’s top priorities we have created ‘The Hotel WEKA’. This end-to-end recycling program is focused on creating a sustainable future by stopping used dispenser cartridges, plastic bottles, and tubes used by hotels from going into the sea or landfills. The recycled plastic is remolded by Future Post to fence posts for farmers, agriculture work, and other projects across New Zealand.

Astro is helping pave a new way forward for the present and future generations with Smart Care: 

  • The bottle and cap are 100% recyclable
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Non-drip dosing
  • Less waste production through low material usage

If you’re interested in going green – or greener – and in the most hygienic way Astro can help your hotel provide a superior guest experience, and instill confidence in the hospitality industry. 

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