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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 2 | Security

As we approach the one-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic the New Zealand hospitality industry is rekindling its operations. With increased health and safety precautions, and heightened awareness around hygiene hotels are focused on reassuring their guests that going on holiday is still as fun and safe as it once was.

In an article written by a seasoned traveller, Gary Leff, he expresses 5 concerns around hotels shifting from individual bathroom soap bars, bottles and tubes to wall-mounted soap dispensers. Leading on from our Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 1 where we discussed how transitioning from a bar of soap to a dispenser can make a stay much more memorable for travelers we now are looking at his second concern around security. 

Gary asks the question, “How can I be sure that the previous guest hasn’t put something foreign inside the dispenser?”

Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that some guests want to tamper with bathroom soap dispensers if they can be opened. This is a common concern among visitors as one commented on the Marriott hotels shifting from tubes to dispensers. “As long as they lock the dispensers properly and securely I’m not going to oppose this. Some hotels have easy-to-open dispensers and I can’t imagine what gross things other guests may put in them.”

One of the key factors needed to instil trust among hotel guests is ensuring strict safety standards are met. Striving to achieve the highest levels of security hotels are turning to Astro Hospitality, one of New Zealand’s most reputable hotel and motel guest room specialists. With over 20 years of industry experience, Astro is the premier supply partner and understands the hospitality industry like no other. 

Focused on forming partnerships with manufacturers who follow strict quality assurance during production - meeting all health and safety requirements including hygiene, cleanliness and security, Astro only supplies clinically-approved wall-mounted dispenser systems that are 100% tamper-proof. 

To give your guests the peace of mind that the products they are using are fresh and more importantly safe Astro's press and wash Smart Care System combines all the virtues of a modern dispenser system:  

  • Contemporary design
  • Easy handling
  • 100% tamper-proof & theft-proof

Offering single or double bracket systems (screw-fix or self-adhesive) hotels can choose from liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo, hair & body shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. And, recently hitting the market Astro’s Smart Care Natural Remedies range offers all of these choices with a Vegan-friendly formulation that includes plant-based ingredients and organic grade extracts. 

Supporting sustainability efforts the smart dispenser design has numerous ecological benefits: 

  • The bottle and cap are 100% recyclable
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Non-drip dosing
  • Can be fully emptied
  • Less waste production through low material usage

To support sustainability efforts further and eliminate plastic waste from hotels Astro created ‘The Hotel WEKA’, an environmental partnership. This end-to-end recycling program stops the used plastic dispenser bottles and other individual tubes from going into the sea or landfills. Sharing the same Kiwi mindset Q-Pod, an earth-friendly flooring company, and Castle, New Zealand's leading manufacturers of quality plastic products for the construction industry, is working with Astro to help make a difference one piece at a time. The recycled plastic is remoulded by Castle and Q-Pod to create concrete floors and concrete paths across New Zealand. Seeking to make a meaningful impact and create a sustainable future this partnership not only helps save the planet but also enhances the environmentally conscious guest experience. 

As a high-performance organization, Astro has instilled confidence in the New Zealand hospitality industry and is helping hotels deliver superior guest experiences made easy. If you're interested in creating a brand identity based on cleanliness and safety Astro would love to help. 

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